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Facebook works because it is rooted in identity. It is an exercise of one’s ego online. As I’m sure you all know, the usage statistics on Facebook are off the charts, in part, because of real identity, the exercise of one self’s in the digital realm.

This offers something important to publishers. For the first time, we can populate our site with users who come to us as themselves, not merely as anonymous screen names.  I’ve always thought that among our most leverageable assets is our audience.

Discussion with SVP for Digital Operations at NYT on engagement. Publishers chase engagement as an important metric, but Nisenholtz says the trend away from anonymity to real identity, thanks partially to Facebook Connect, is capable of having a great impact on publishers. Not only can they monetize their audience by selling demos to advertisers, but the quality of conversation/engagement is higher due to the trend toward real identity of contributors.

I personally see news media still fundamentally struggling with paradox of needing to present news, not opinion vs. engagement being a conversation, 2-way, with personality and opinions. Maybe that is why most of the examples in this article discuss news mashups with APIs (post news reporting), reviews, Answers sites, etc.

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