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Third, engaging with your customers via the real-time Web is not, in fact, mandatory. A recent post on the influential TechCrunch blog criticizes Apple for “doing it wrong” when it comes to new media, but it’s hard to understand what that means. Business success has objective measures, and Apple is enjoying enormous success. If Apple is doing it wrong, I’d like my business to be doing it wrong, too.

Latest and greatest is not always the best. Just because social media is hot, it is not always the best tool for the job at hand. This is not to say that Apple will avoid social media for long, just that they have done quite well pushing product without it, so far.

No secret I am a big Apple fan, not necessarily because of the branding or marketing, but because the products are simply superior. Yes, the company has some negatives, and the closed loop software frustrates some people (c’mon, their street address is One Infinite Loop), but nobody is perfect, everything has some amount of tradeoffs. I like the tradeoffs Apple has decided on, because the result has been products that I love to use and recommend.

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